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Artzine is the European art market of the Now, that connects artists with collectors through the fusion of cutting edge technology, a close personal service, and a modern, exclusive and easy to use online platform.

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Artzine is an art start-up based in Spain and Estonia, that’s run with much love by an international group of art enthusiasts. Find out more about us.

For Collectors

We would be delighted to assist. Just reach out to us via our contact page and one of our team will be in touch.
Our Artist Terms state that artists must only list original artworks, not copies, created by themselves. If you believe you have found or received a print or copied artwork, please notify us immediately.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal through the website. If you would like to purchase offline or use a different payment method please contact us.

If your artwork has arrived damaged or the real piece doesn’t correspond to the images displayed in our gallery, then you can claim a full money refund.

You have three (3) days from the time you receive the artwork to let us know about the situation and claim your refund.

Please refer to our Buyer Protection Policy for more information.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep all the original packaging and take as many photos as you need to show clearly the damage on both the artwork and the package, and contact us as soon as possible.

Please refer to our Buyer Protection Policy for more information.

Shipping is calculated and displayed at checkout, and is calculated based on the size of the artwork, the location of the artist, and the delivery address.

Some online galleries claim free shipping, but actually include the price of global shipping in their listing price. We feel it is unfair for local collectors to pay the full price of global shipping, so we transprently display and charge the exact shipping amount based on the variables listed above.

Yes, we provide global shipping.
At Artzine, we highly encourage all our artists to ship their artworks fully insured. However, it is up to them to provide shipping insurance to protect against damages incurred while the artwork is in transit. Buyers are always protected in any case, and if an artwork is damaged in transit they will be able to claim a full refund.
If you want to send your feedback to an artist, please send your thoughts and and the name of the painting to us via the contact page, and we’ll pass them on to the artist.

We aim to have the artwork shipped from the artist within five (5) business days, and have it delivered to you within ten to fifteen (10-15) business days depending on the location of the artist and the delivery location. This is of course, the responsibility of the artist, so sometimes it may take a little longer.

If you experience lengthy delays in the delivery of your artwork, please contact us.

For Artists

We believe that artists have an amazing gift that needs to be shared with the world, and that they should be able to build a sustainable career creating the art they love.

To this end, we provide you with everything you need to bring your art to the world; marketing, payment processing, access to an international network of collectors and a high-design, cutting-edge platform on which to list your art.

We also believe that you, the artist, should reap the maximal financial rewards from your creations, and also promote your art wherever you like. This is why of this we only charge a fraction of the price of a physical gallery (20% commission to cover our costs), and don’t demand that artists sign any contracts or exclusivity deals.

This is a fraction of the price of what both physical and most online galleries charge; we look after the creators who work with us by providing the best possible service and also the lowest commission.

It’s super easy. Just sign up as an artist, enter your details, and your account will be ready to go.

Make sure you read the Artist Terms so that you understand what the terms and conditions are for selling on this site.

No, we only charge a commission (20%) on artworks that you sell. That means if you sell nothing then you don’t pay a thing. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by listing your art on Artzine.

No, you can list as much as you like.

We accept most kinds of artworks, as long as they are 100% original, created by you, and are not reprints, reproductions, or copies, and do not infringe on the copyright of any other person.

Your artwork needs to be the only one of it’s kind, or one of a series of limited edition prints.

You can sell artwork in any of the following mediums, including painting, collage, drawing, mixed media, limited edition prints and sculpture. We also accept photography and digital art, but are more selective with these mediums.

No, you are free to sell your artworks elsewhere. However, should your artwork sell elsewhere, you need to mark it as sold or remove it (not necessary) from Artzine’s site within twenty-four (24) hours.
Yes, you cannot sell work on anyone else’s behalf. Nor can you resell works you have previously bought. Refer to the contact us for more information.

We charge a flat commission of 20% on artwork sales for artists who have self-shipping set up. If an artist hasn't entered their own shipping rates at the time of the sale, the Artzine team will coordinate with both parties to generate a shipping quote for that order. In this case, our commission would be 30%. There are no other hidden fees or costs.

Please visit our guide to learn more about self-shipping on Artzine.

Your unique artist URL will be:

You can view or change your username at any time from the Account Settings page on your Dashboard.

This URL can be given to anyone interested in viewing or purchasing you art, and can be posted on biographies, websites and any social media accounts you might have.