Ida Jas & Jesper Hintze

Group Adgang Forbudt

When did you feel the calling of art for the first time?

Jesper: I started back in 1980ies. Went to a lot of exhibitions with my family, but a Picasso exhibition and one with art of ancient Mesopotamia really blow me away and inspired me to start drawing and painting.

Ida: I started back in 2003 and experimented with different styles and media and in 2008 found my own technique and stuck with it. As for the “Adgang forbudt” call we start talking about the project back in 2008, but it came to live in 2012.

Do you remember your first artwork? What did it represent?

The first Adgang Forbudt artwork was “Controlled Party”. It represented the fogey atmosphere in Denmark. At that time was all that talk about surveillance, emigration and control, and some people kind of ignored their freedom rights and joined the controlled party.

Jesper and Ida Jas, you formed an art group named Adgang Forbudt, in English “No Trespassing”. Can you tell us how did the name turn up and what’s the message you guys want to transmit with it?

The name is a symbol of the exclusion that is in all aspects of life and through our name and art we want to provoke awareness of it. Using masks, fragile balloons, garbage bags, rafts etc. we try to be the voice of the excluded. Combining different styles we are able to express our message and at the same time let the fantasy fly free through abstractions.

Is about stories of how poverty is accepted, homeless living their own lives, about refugees are numbers more than human beings. The balloons and mask are ironic statements. We like to make it twistable.

It’s really cool and interesting the way you guys cooperate to create your art. Helps us visualise how would a day in the Adgang Forbudt studio be…

“It starts with the abstract background paint by Ida, on her own technique, using just her fingers and natural movements. When the background is finished and dry it’s Jespers turn to tune on a special theme, and try to cooperate with Ida´s mix of colours, so it´ll be one whole piece. The abstract meets the figurative. There is no fantasy limitation when we work and we do appreciate each others effort in the project.

If you were to summarise in two or three statements the vision of the world you want to transmit through your art, those would be…

Equality, humanity and inclusion. It’s about taking care of all people, maybe one day to reduce the classes, no war and live in harmony. Less pollution, more recycling. We try to use as much as possible eco-friendly acrylic colors and from time to time we are recycling by using used canvas, old advertisements, magazines, silk paper in our artwork.

What projects are you immersed in at the moment?

We just did an exhibition in south of Spain here in the beginning of february, and are dealing with a new one in Denmark this year. And maybe an exhibition in Germany as well.

What are, in your opinion, the biggest challenges for an artist nowadays?

Making a living by being creative and expressing themselves through art. Not to please the crowd but following their hearts, ideas and imaginations. Finding a niche and still develop to grow

For us the biggest challenge is creating something beautiful, that people want to hang in their walls, and still be the voice of the excluded.
How to understand the artworld, beside this just to follow your heart and your ideas, instead of please the crowd. Try to develop still with a style in mind. For us it’s meditation, an important part of the day, a travel from one place to another.

What do you expect from your Artzine adventure?

To help marketing our work in new marketplaces. Hopefully to get in touch with new galleries, or just to broadcast our art, and you can see our latest upload of paintings at

A song…

It’s a bit challenging to come up with just a song that describes our work, but definitely Coldplay - How You See The World and New Order - Dreams Never End will cover it 😊.