Adonis Stoantzikis

The power of stories

Adonis is a Greek artist, currently based between Athens and Amsterdam, who defines himself as a storyteller seeking to understand to what extent narrative influences the way we perceive and understand the world around us.

His series “As Quiet Romantic In Its Dilapidation” is named after a phrase from the book “The Gods will have blood” by Anatole France (1912), which is a terrifying account of the dark years of the French Revolution and its many executions. The novel tells the story of Evariste Gamelin, a revolutionary young artist appointed magistrate, whose intense idealism and unbridled single-mindedness led him inexorably towards catastrophe.

Through the pages of this book Adonis found the inspiration to compose this masterful, dark and fascinating series, in which his own experiences and memories mix with the book’s essence, in an effort to pose three fundamental questions: How narrative affects and involves in shaping our perception of life? Are we a combination of stories we hear and read during our lifetime? And finally, are we a puzzle of pieces taken from other people’s stories?