Fabienne Monestier

Vouvray, France

Rain of light Add to Favorites
Rain of light
acrylic and wax pastels on canvas
89 x 130 cm
Pink evanescenceAdd to Favorites
Pink evanescence
acrylic spray paint and wax pastels on canvas
116 x 89 cm
The red treeAdd to Favorites
The red tree
oil on canvas
116 x 89 cm
Tender autumn heavenAdd to Favorites
Tender autumn heaven
acrylic, golden felt-pen on stretched canvas
60 x 60 cm
Luminous rosesAdd to Favorites
Luminous roses
mixed media on canvas
20 x 20 cm
The unique pathAdd to Favorites
The unique path
mixed media on canvas
70 x 70 cm
Red peoniesAdd to Favorites
Red peonies
acrylic on canvas
50 x 50 cm
Peaceful moonlightAdd to Favorites
Peaceful moonlight
mixed media on paper
19 x 19 cm