The World Around Us

Figurative works depicting the world and it's creatures

Each piece from this collection of figurative artworks captures a unique perception and experience of the world we live in reflected through the artist’s view, and invites us to discover new ways of understanding our tiny, beautiful planet.

Low LifeAdd to Favorites
Low Life
acrylic on canvas
100 x 140 cm
Arabian coltAdd to Favorites
Arabian colt
Oil on canvas
100 x 130 cm
Sax All NightAdd to Favorites
Sax All Night
Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 102 cm
Al PacinoAdd to Favorites
Al Pacino
mixed technique
130 x 195 cm
TECH-QUILAAdd to Favorites
Oil & Sand on Canvas
100 x 160 cm
Horsegirl IIAdd to Favorites
Horsegirl II
Oil on canvas
115 x 90 cm
Adjutant Evolution VIAdd to Favorites
Adjutant Evolution VI
oil acrylic on 300 gsm handmade paper
56 x 76 cm
Golden girlAdd to Favorites
Golden girl
Mixed media on hard board
70 x 50 cm
PredictionsAdd to Favorites
Oil on linen
80 x 100 cm
PORTO windowsAdd to Favorites
PORTO windows
watercolor on thick paper
30 x 90 cm
Cajita 194Add to Favorites
Cajita 194
Tintas y acuarelas sobre envase de cartón de medicina.
18 x 17 cm
amigoAdd to Favorites
oleo sobre lienzo
70 x 100 cm
K Add to Favorites
Mixed media on elephant dung paper
40 x 40 cm
Homemade picklingAdd to Favorites
Homemade pickling
Oil on linen canvas
90 x 50 cm
AndaluciaAdd to Favorites
oil on canvas
163 x 127 cm
SnorkelAdd to Favorites
Acrílico y Óleo sobre lienzo
80 x 80 cm