The World Around Us

Figurative works depicting the world and it's creatures

Each piece from this collection of figurative artworks captures a unique perception and experience of the world we live in reflected through the artist’s view, and invites us to discover new ways of understanding our tiny, beautiful planet.

N42 Sea viewAdd to Favorites
N42 Sea view
Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 100 cm
Adjutant Evolution VAdd to Favorites
Adjutant Evolution V
oil acrylic on 300gsmhandmade paper
56 x 76 cm
The last sunlightAdd to Favorites
The last sunlight
Oil on linen canvas
100 x 60 cm
Imaginando amorAdd to Favorites
Imaginando amor
Oleo sobre lienzo
61 x 50 cm
grito silenciosoAdd to Favorites
grito silencioso
oleo sobre lienzo
120 x 80 cm
GuajiroAdd to Favorites
Acrílco sobre Lienzo, pintado por transparencias o ¨Veladuras¨.
60 x 73 cm
El BornAdd to Favorites
El Born
acrílico sobre tela
73 x 54 cm
Adjutant Evolution IVAdd to Favorites
Adjutant Evolution IV
oil.acrylic on handmade 300gsm paper
56 x 76 cm
"SURFEROS"Add to Favorites
óleo sobre madera
73 x 98 cm
K Add to Favorites
Mixed media on elephant dung paper
40 x 40 cm
Mexican morning.Add to Favorites
Mexican morning.
Oil on canvas stretched on carton panel
40 x 50 cm
PsycheAdd to Favorites
óleo sobre tabla entelada
93 x 126 cm
LedaAdd to Favorites
Acrylic on canvas
93 x 120 cm
Golden girlAdd to Favorites
Golden girl
Mixed media on hard board
70 x 50 cm
La campanaAdd to Favorites
La campana
Pintura al oleo de paisaje chileno
106 x 58 cm
Al PacinoAdd to Favorites
Al Pacino
mixed technique
130 x 195 cm