Spectacular Abstracts

A handpicked selection of some of our best abstract paintings

This is a collection of expressions, sensations and fragments of reality seen through the artist's eyes. A free and living collection whose essence is in continuous movement, making it possible for each work to be infinitely transformed before the eyes of the observer, and be unique, one and a thousand times.

SÉRIE METAMORFOSES # 1Add to Favorites
acrylic, oil on canvas
90 x 110 cm
Mountain LakesAdd to Favorites
Mountain Lakes
Oil on Canvas
92 x 73 cm
Allegro Maestoso, K364.Add to Favorites
Allegro Maestoso, K364.
Acrylic paint on canvas
180 x 120 cm
#aroundthefiledAdd to Favorites
acrylic on canvas
140 x 90 cm
"Love on the Brain"Add to Favorites
"Love on the Brain"
acrylic, spray paint and flashe on canvas
157 x 152 cm
KISSAdd to Favorites
Acrylics on Paper
30 x 40 cm
"Cross Currents #10"Add to Favorites
"Cross Currents #10"
Acrylic on Canvas
91 x 123 cm
Consciencia UniversalAdd to Favorites
Consciencia Universal
Tecnicas mixtas sobre lienzo
90 x 90 cm
El princio del finAdd to Favorites
El princio del fin
Tecnica mixta sobre lienzo
130 x 115 cm
Gold painting No 4Add to Favorites
Gold painting No 4
Acrylic on canvas
61 x 81 cm
The Inevitable Add to Favorites
The Inevitable
Acrylics on Canvas
122 x 92 cm
Burning pathAdd to Favorites
Burning path
Acrylic on canvas
61 x 91 cm
FenixAdd to Favorites
Tecnica mixta sobre lienzo
115 x 130 cm
Emergence II 2018Add to Favorites
Emergence II 2018
Acrylic, water- soluble oil and mixed media on paper
55 x 40 cm
VaseAdd to Favorites
Acrylics on canvas.
140 x 170 cm
EffigyAdd to Favorites
Acrylic on wooden board
40 x 37 cm
Cherries Add to Favorites
Oil on canvas
60 x 90 cm