Spectacular Abstracts

A handpicked selection of some of our best abstract paintings

This is a collection of expressions, sensations and fragments of reality seen through the artist's eyes. A free and living collection whose essence is in continuous movement, making it possible for each work to be infinitely transformed before the eyes of the observer, and be unique, one and a thousand times.

"Anthem"Add to Favorites
acrylic, spray paint and flashe on canvas
152 x 157 cm
AustraliaAdd to Favorites
Pigments and Oil on Canvas
80 x 50 cm
Un instante en tu  memoriaAdd to Favorites
Un instante en tu memoria
Acrilico sobre lienzo
100 x 100 cm
Painting the bluesAdd to Favorites
Painting the blues
Acrylic on canvas
61 x 91 cm
BEHIND THE AIRAdd to Favorites
Mixed Media, ink, and epoxy resin on stretched cotton canvas
91 x 91 cm
Between Chaos and CosmosAdd to Favorites
Between Chaos and Cosmos
Acrylic and oil on burned wood
80 x 43 cm
CosmostellarAdd to Favorites
gouache (miniature painting a technique of painting brought from Iran by the mughals and now being practiced in subcontinent) and ink on Vasli (a handmade paper used for miniature painting)
99 x 149 cm
The DreamAdd to Favorites
The Dream
Acrylics on canvas.
140 x 140 cm
something wrongAdd to Favorites
something wrong
Mix material(Spray, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Marker, Crayon and photo transfer on linen).
100 x 135 cm
brooklyn boundAdd to Favorites
brooklyn bound
acrylic, spray paint and ink on canvas
40 x 50 cm
"Ruh Nabati"Add to Favorites
"Ruh Nabati"
Oil on canvas
120 x 50 cm
Mouvement de l'âmeAdd to Favorites
Mouvement de l'âme
Mixed media on canvas
146 x 114 cm
KISSAdd to Favorites
Acrylics on Paper
30 x 40 cm
treesAdd to Favorites
Oil on Canvas
100 x 70 cm
Bloom at NightAdd to Favorites
Bloom at Night
Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas
55 x 60 cm
"Physicality"Add to Favorites
acrylic, spray paint and flashe on canvas
152 x 157 cm
Sky and fireAdd to Favorites
Sky and fire
acrílico sobre papel 300 grs
56 x 76 cm