Pop Vindication

Pop Art to rock your walls

Like a collective shout, Pop-Art arose to express the modern consciousness and the need to rebel against the dominant approaches to art and culture, and traditional views on what art should be. This collection, optimistic, ironic and colorful, takes you back to that time when a whole generation of artists vindicated the reality of a "new popular culture", and gave a new turn to the definition of what art is.

"Another Day in Paradise"Add to Favorites
"Another Day in Paradise"
acrylic and spray paint on canvas
182 x 152 cm
"See"Add to Favorites
Prismacolor Pencil on Bristol paper
35 x 43 cm
AmyAdd to Favorites
Oil painting on Canvas
100 x 100 cm
Girl with flamingoAdd to Favorites
Girl with flamingo
Oil on Canvas, gold plated
80 x 100 cm
Walk The LineAdd to Favorites
Walk The Line
Acryl, ink on canvas
100 x 120 cm
The other side of meAdd to Favorites
The other side of me
mixed media (paper, acrylics)
22 x 30 cm
Planet TanAdd to Favorites
Planet Tan
Oil on Canvas
121 x 76 cm
no. veinticincoAdd to Favorites
no. veinticinco
Watercolor on paper.
70 x 50 cm
WoomAdd to Favorites
Mix media
160 x 160 cm
La creación de AdánAdd to Favorites
La creación de Adán
stencil + acrílico + rotulador
93 x 60 cm
Adiós ClavosAdd to Favorites
Adiós Clavos
Hand-cut stencil and spray paint on 250 g card.
53 x 70 cm
no. veintisieteAdd to Favorites
no. veintisiete
Watercolor on paper.
50 x 70 cm
TWIGGYAdd to Favorites
Charcoal, acrylic and pencil on wood
73 x 92 cm
I'M A MAZEAdd to Favorites
46 x 61 cm
Low LifeAdd to Favorites
Low Life
acrylic on canvas
100 x 140 cm
damien hirst can sick my duckAdd to Favorites
damien hirst can sick my duck
acrylic, spray paint and ink on canvas
80 x 80 cm
"Gestating Opinion Fountain"Add to Favorites
"Gestating Opinion Fountain"
Prismacolor Pencil on Bristol paper
41 x 52 cm
thug lifeAdd to Favorites
thug life
acrylic, spray paint and ink on canvas
50 x 40 cm