Original Art Under €500

Quality art doesn't have to be overpriced.

If you feel like giving art to somebody special, or if you just want to treat yourself with a unique artwork; this collection is a great opportunity to find what you're looking for.

Pink ScreensAdd to Favorites
Pink Screens
Masking tape and acrylics on panel
50 x 50 cm
RegresoAdd to Favorites
Pastel con fijación a la caseina.
40 x 30 cm
Big BeakAdd to Favorites
Big Beak
oil on canvas panel
50 x 40 cm
acrylic on wooden panel
50 x 52 cm
DiffusionAdd to Favorites
Ink, Oil & Spray Paint on Paper
50 x 50 cm
Estructuras IAdd to Favorites
Estructuras I
Acrílico sobre papel
50 x 70 cm
FacesuckerAdd to Favorites
Acuarela, lápiz, rotring, cera... sobre papel.
14 x 21 cm
Red against pink (papel 40x30)Add to Favorites
Red against pink (papel 40x30)
acrílico sobre papel 300 grs
30 x 40 cm
Red on the skyAdd to Favorites
Red on the sky
acrílico sobre papel 300 grs
40 x 30 cm
Dream on a dream 2Add to Favorites
Dream on a dream 2
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 90 cm
L04 Street viewAdd to Favorites
L04 Street view
Acrylic on Canvas
50 x 70 cm
A PIECE OF MAYAdd to Favorites
oil on stretched cotton canvas
50 x 50 cm
El árbol de la vida IIIAdd to Favorites
El árbol de la vida III
Acrílco sobre Lienzo, pintado por transparencias o ¨Veladuras¨, sobre cartulina.
32 x 50 cm