La Mer

Let the Energy of Water Fill Your Space

Water is the soul of our planet; essential to all forms of life.

The Greek Thales of Miletus defined it as "the beginning of all things", and the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci referred to it as a "vehicle of nature". In oriental philosophy the energy of water represents calm, rest and tranquility; it embodies the essence of our being and the basis of our existence.

This collection gathers a selection of water inspired works amongst which to find the perfect choice to create balanced spaces with good energy flow.

Boats VAdd to Favorites
Boats V
enamel on canvas
40 x 30 cm
OutsideAdd to Favorites
oil on canvas
130 x 110 cm
SUBMERSIONAdd to Favorites
acrylic on canvas
100 x 100 cm
CrashAdd to Favorites
Acrylics on Canvas
240 x 160 cm
TideAdd to Favorites
acrílico sobre lienzo
130 x 97 cm
THE LAST WAVEAdd to Favorites
oil on canvas
73 x 92 cm
MirageAdd to Favorites
Oil on Canvas
160 x 111 cm
Abstract Silver SeascapeAdd to Favorites
Abstract Silver Seascape
Mixed-Media Painting on Canvas
40 x 40 cm
Forest RiverAdd to Favorites
Forest River
Oil on linen canvas
70 x 60 cm
Freedom #3Add to Favorites
Freedom #3
oil on canvas
60 x 90 cm
Aquatic fantasyAdd to Favorites
Aquatic fantasy
Acrílico sobre lienzo
80 x 80 cm