Darkness Within

Within darkness there also shines light

Just as there is a little darkness in the light, there is a little light in the darkness.

Artworks that reflect the occult and darker side of existence evoke complex emotions, and as they’re born from a significant place within the artist’s psyche, they call us to look deeper into ourselves in order to discover their hidden meanings, often disguised in symbolism.

Tempête en mer Add to Favorites

Tempête en mer

100cm x 73cm
acrylic on canvas
Your Silent Face Add to Favorites

Your Silent Face

100cm x 120cm
Acryl, ink on canvas
Walk The Line Add to Favorites

Walk The Line

100cm x 120cm
Acryl, ink on canvas
Dreams Never End Add to Favorites

Dreams Never End

100cm x 120cm
Acryl, ink on canvas
Tamalinda (Circus 4) Add to Favorites

Tamalinda (Circus 4)

73cm x 92cm
Oleo sobre lienzo
Macareila (Circus 3) Add to Favorites

Macareila (Circus 3)

60cm x 73cm
Oleo sobre lienzo
Like a Virgin Add to Favorites

Like a Virgin

130cm x 195cm
Acrylic, gold leaf, plus "secret" ingredients!
"D" part II Add to Favorites

"D" part II

97cm x 146cm
Oil & ink on canvas
Lo que Irma nos dejó. 2017 Add to Favorites

Lo que Irma nos dejó. 2017

73cm x 60cm
Acrílicos sobre lienzo pintado por Veladuras sobre Verdaccio, como mi padre.
A Man Apart Add to Favorites

A Man Apart

76.2cm x 76.2cm
oil on Belgian linen
Revelation Add to Favorites


120cm x 85cm
oil on canvas
Reflejos 2 Add to Favorites

Reflejos 2

73cm x 51cm
Acrílico sobre
"Patricia" Add to Favorites


73cm x 61cm
Óleo sobre lienzo
Amelia Add to Favorites


35cm x 27cm
Oleo sobre lienzo
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