Contemporary Gems

Shining examples of contemporary art

Humans wouldn’t survive in a world without art, in any of its forms. We need to express our feelings, just as we need to breathe, and through art we’ve been expressing ourselves since the beginning of time.

This collection gathers the work of some magnificent artists who give shape to contemporary painting, and through whose art Artzine finds its own expression.

Psyche Add to Favorites


93cm x 126cm
óleo sobre tabla entelada
Trafalgar Add to Favorites


100cm x 100cm
Acrílico sobre lienzo
Amelia Add to Favorites


35cm x 27cm
Oleo sobre lienzo
nenúfares 1 Add to Favorites

nenúfares 1

54cm x 73cm
Acrílico sobre tela
Like a Virgin Add to Favorites

Like a Virgin

130cm x 195cm
Acrylic, gold leaf, plus "secret" ingredients!
ottograph painting - the beat Add to Favorites

ottograph painting - the beat

140cm x 85cm
acrylic and spray paint on canvas
Tarantos Add to Favorites


55cm x 65cm
Acrílico en lienzo
N27 City view Add to Favorites

N27 City view

100cm x 150cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Yemanja Add to Favorites


46cm x 61cm
18x24 inch Limited Edition Canvas Print - archival, signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity
Arcadians (study) Add to Favorites

Arcadians (study)

91.5cm x 61cm
oil on canvas
N42 Sea view Add to Favorites

N42 Sea view

150cm x 100cm
Acrylic on Canvas
L01 Landscape Add to Favorites

L01 Landscape

150cm x 100cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Eclat Add to Favorites


50cm x 100cm
Mixed media on canvas
PORTO windows Add to Favorites

PORTO windows

30cm x 90cm
watercolor on thick paper
Edén 2016 Add to Favorites

Edén 2016

55cm x 65cm
Dibujo a tintas, impresos y acrílicos sobre cartulina especial entelada.
Lady Varsobia Add to Favorites

Lady Varsobia

75cm x 45cm
Pintura al óleo sobre tela , con pedazos de tela que hacen de textura en la parte del vestido y del gorro
Ideal planet Add to Favorites

Ideal planet

122cm x 122cm
oil on canvas