Art and Love

Who hasn't been inspired by love

Not all of us are artists, but we've all felt inspired by love to create art. It is the strongest and most powerful feeling. It can make the shy sing, the roughest write a poem or the strongest cry. Love is happiness and sorrow, and the fuel of our lives. This collection is a tribute to love in all its shapes and forms.

Calm downAdd to Favorites
Calm down
Acrilyc on canvas
190 x 140 cm
The kissAdd to Favorites
The kiss
oil on canvas
92 x 122 cm
 PrayerAdd to Favorites
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
100 x 150 cm
The HugAdd to Favorites
The Hug
Acrilyc on canvas
80 x 120 cm
Beautiful DisasterAdd to Favorites
Beautiful Disaster
20"x16", oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm
La dolce vitaAdd to Favorites
La dolce vita
Acrilyc on canvas
140 x 190 cm
Golden girlAdd to Favorites
Golden girl
Mixed media on hard board
70 x 50 cm
Sweet DreamsAdd to Favorites
Sweet Dreams
Oil on Wood
144 x 67 cm
Coffee Add to Favorites
oil on canvas
80 x 80 cm
Goodbye Add to Favorites
25 x 42 cm
RequiemAdd to Favorites
Oil on canvas
90 x 80 cm
DueloAdd to Favorites
Lápices de color y grafito sobre papel
56 x 75 cm
Graffiti dancersAdd to Favorites
Graffiti dancers
tintas y acuarelas
52 x 60 cm
IlimitadoAdd to Favorites
Grafito sobre papel
30 x 37 cm
summer love II (2 pieces)Add to Favorites
summer love II (2 pieces)
acrylics, spray paint, pastels, pencil on canvas
60 x 30 cm
PunctureAdd to Favorites
Charcoal, Graphite, and Acrylic on Bristol Paper
45 x 61 cm
WeddingAdd to Favorites
25 x 50 cm