Claudio Boczon

Curitiba, Brazil

Behind the misty - IIIAdd to Favorites
Behind the misty - III
Mixed media on photography.
41 x 41 cm
Behind the misty - IIAdd to Favorites
Behind the misty - II
Mixed media on photography
41 x 41 cm
Behind the misty - IAdd to Favorites
Behind the misty - I
Mixed media on photography.
41 x 41 cm
Through the windowAdd to Favorites
Through the window
Acrylic on trimmings of used wood and splinters of glass in a reused and framed wooden board
60 x 60 cm
Pandora's GiftAdd to Favorites
Pandora's Gift
Mixed media on offset printing on wooden panel
75 x 95 cm
MelancholiaAdd to Favorites
Acrylic and oil on burned wood
99 x 66 cm
After a stormy nightAdd to Favorites
After a stormy night
Pastel, acrylic and oil on fabric
78 x 110 cm
Nowhere's LandscapeAdd to Favorites
Nowhere's Landscape
Acrylic paint and pastel on reused fabric.
120 x 36 cm
AbaretamaAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on fabric
49 x 77 cm
ItacueretabaAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on fabric
49 x 77 cm
Glass roofAdd to Favorites
Glass roof
Monotype with glass on wood
110 x 80 cm
Res non verbaAdd to Favorites
Res non verba
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
120 x 40 cm
HadesAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on photography, fixed on wooden board
28 x 30 cm
Sliced sunsetAdd to Favorites
Sliced sunset
Acrylic, oil and found objects on wood shavings in a reused wood board
66 x 33 cm
ShroudAdd to Favorites
Monotype with textile an acrylic on wood
100 x 80 cm
ErebusAdd to Favorites
Acrylic, Oil and graffiti on Wood
105 x 35 cm
EffigyAdd to Favorites
Acrylic on wooden board
40 x 37 cm
CharonAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on photography
90 x 60 cm
ChaosAdd to Favorites
mixed media on paper
40 x 30 cm
TartarusAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on paper
29 x 21 cm