The taste for life

Meet Max Cantrell, a great artist who moved from South Africa to Spain chasing the sun, good food and “siestas”, and not only he found them in the island of Palma de Mallorca, but he also met the Eva of his paradise, with whom he shares not only a life path but also the passion for art.

Max comes from a family of artists and bohemians. At the age of 7 he was already painting his first artworks inspired by his cats, one of which ended up hang on a collector’s wall between an original Picasso and a Miró.

A life devoted to art has allowed Max to develop his own artistic style and perform his oils with true mastery, which has provided him with international recognition and numerous prizes. Each of his portraits exhibited on Artzine is a unique experience that deserves to be appreciated slowly and in depth. Just look deeply into the eyes of Lisura or Templanza and you’ll know what we mean…

More by Max Cantrell

More by Max Cantrell