Maria Liachovitskaya

The religion of colour

Maria is a talented young Lithuanian artist of Russian origin, who received her artistic education from such prestigious institutions as the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersbourg, and the Russian academy of arts In Florence.

At the age of 23, Maria already shines with her own light in the international art scene. She describes her style as a fusion of naturalism and impressionism, and with colour as her religion. In her own words “With colour you can express nearly everything, from the real objects, shape and view to the deepest feelings, atmosphere and even air. Colour automatically leads to the light: no light = no colour”.

Maria’s artworks appeal as much to the senses as they do to the naked eye; The warmth of sunset light, the cold delicate feeling of porcelain, the weight of years in an aged gaze or the soft perfume in the air when a flower is swayed by the breeze. These are some of the feelings that Maria captures with an uncanny sense of immersion and an effortless grace that might be expected of a master painter well beyond her years. Welcome to the world of Maria Liachovitskaya.

More by Maria Liachovitskaya

More by Maria Liachovitskaya