Interior Design Trends for 2021

What makes a house a home?

One could argue that it's the people who live there and add life to the dwelling. Those with an artistic mind would dig a little deeper and state that it's how those people leave their mark and share their passions that make a home.

Interior design trends and personally curated artistic elements are a way of showcasing a home's spirit and connecting with the world around it. Here are some of the top interior design trends of 2021 and how they tie into the world of art. 

Inspired By Nature

Natural elements have been a common focal point of designers in recent years. Bringing nature indoors showcases the connectivity that humans share with the natural world, paying credence to the Biophilia hypothesis— the theory that proposes an innate, underlying connection that prompts humans to seek connections with the natural world.

In many ways, the shift toward incorporating natural elements in the home is in itself a form of rebellion. We live in a mass-produced, over-industrialised world, in which concrete pours over nature and consumes everything in its path. By showcasing natural elements in the place that matters the most to us, we're challenging the status quo— which is what art is all about.

This ongoing interior design trend will adapt and expand in 2021, as many people are more desperate than ever for a taste of the outside world. This shift could present itself in several ways, from indoor plants dominating the living space to a return to natural materials, and a sustainable approach based on reused materials and bioplastics.

It's expected that more organic materials will also be prevalent in 2021 interior design, with bamboo playing a dominant role.

Lounge Lovers 

Embracing Minimalism


The millennial generation is the epitome of the minimalist mindset: fewer things, more experiences. This mindset is starting to make its way into interior design, invoking the sense that less is more through minimalism. Interior design isn't the only place where this trend is evolving. Both graphic designers and artists are embracing minimalism as 2021 dawns.

The critical element of minimalism is less furniture and more space. This theory also applies on a more modest scale, with fewer knick-knacks on display. The idea is that there's a place for everything, and everything has a place. It should come as no surprise that this trend stems from the rising popularity of the KonMari decluttering method, mainly in part to Netflix.

One of the highlights of this interior design trend is the return of line art as a centerpiece. Many designers are moving away from bold statement pieces and embracing the simplicity and elegance of line art from local artists and makers. As this art form becomes more popular and accessible, individuals can incorporate custom line art depicting people they love and memories they cherish. This is one of the many ways people can turn a trend into something personal and meaningful.

Soft Edges and Curves

Geometric shapes and schemes have dominated interior design in recent years. This trend has encompassed everything from artwork to furniture. In 2021, we'll see a strong shift away from sharp edges and angles toward softer curves and edges, and more circular shapes. 

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the resurgence of many retro design elements and also ties into political and artistic undercurrents of the past two years. As collectors and art enthusiasts embrace the mighty return of the feminine figure in art, it seems intuitive that the rest of the room would follow suit.

These soft edges and curved borders tie into another recent design trend known as Hygge. This Danish trend encourages amiability and comfort as design inspiration, to create a sense of welcoming and succor in every room. As many Scandinavian pieces and design inspirations have overtaken the market in recent years, it's expected that this trend—and those stemming from it—will continue to grow.

Nomad Bubbles

Abstract Conversation Pieces

While abstract art may be losing favour in the world of secondary design elements, it's gaining ground as a focal point for furniture design. Many designers are incorporating abstract conversation pieces to be a focal point in a minimalist room. Chairs with swooping curves and surrealist shapes are a must-have. Light fixtures with eye-catching metal components that overpower the space are becoming the norm.

Designers are also incorporating abstract designs into the walls themselves. As neutral tones and paint colours are coming back into fashion, a pop of color in an unconventional shape is a way to stand out from the norm. Bright shades of yellows and blues are expected to be the favoured choice for offsetting white, beige, and gray backdrops.

Retro Colors and Textiles

Retro colors are back in a big way for interior design. Jewel tones, mustard yellow, and soft pastels are finding their way back into our hearts and our living rooms. However, this trend is extending beyond color and encompassing textiles as well. Rich fabrics that add a feeling of luxury, like velvet, are expected to be a huge trend for 2021.


Retro colors and textiles go hand-in-hand with the resurgence of reminiscent designs. Vintage ads and retro-inspired typography are stunning accents when paired with burnt orange sofas and pastel kitchen accessories. As more designers are incorporating art into the kitchen, this is a fabulous blend of trends. 

Textured Walls

While murals and large-scale artistic depictions have fallen out of favour in the past decade, they're starting to come back in a new way. One of the new trends in 2021 is the introduction of textured walls. This trend ties in nicely with the other interior design movements of this era, such as retro inspiration and Hygge

Many designers are incorporating subtle textures using marbling techniques to add dimension to the room. Others are adding fabric— velvet, for example— for a luxe look that adds an air of sophistication to any room. Mixed media and natural materials like moss are also innovative choices for this decor trend

Take these seeds of inspiration and turn your house into a home by taking an artistic approach to interior design.

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