Dmitry Kochanovich

Divine symbols and mystical revelations

Dmitry Kochanovich entirely belongs to a classical type of the artists-aesthetes that feel the Divine within the world around, with is a variety of phenomenal embodiment. Gravitating to the idea of aesthetic transformation, he invents ambient symbols that restore integrity of the world-view. Gentle hints and mystical revelations, obscure premonitions and realistic symbols have merged in his pictures to the associative stream investigating a secret nature of the Spirit.

The energy is totally directed on an embodiment of the cult purpose - on rapture and admiration for the absolute qualities of art. So, the artist’s strictly academic painting style changes the reality, as if returning to painting the refined height by giving an illusory hope for a presence of the beautiful to spectators.

More by Dmitry Kochanovich

More by Dmitry Kochanovich