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Cross Connect was an internationally-organized blog dedicated to delivering the ins and outs of the art world. The team behind Cross Connect featured a grand selection of content with a singular mission— to connect the artists to the people and the strange with the beautiful. Cross Connect domain was purchased by Artzine, and now redirects to this page. We would like to thank the old Cross Connect team for their hard work and dedication to shine light on such great artists. In the mean time please enjoy our online art gallery that’s full of amazing art from some of the best contemporary artists of today.

Jaroslaw K’haal Kubicki

Jaroslaw K’haal Kubicki is an artist, photographer, webdesigner. He graduted from Fine Arts Highschool in Gdynia and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdañsk. He designed numerous covers of music albums of such music groups as Closterkeller, Moonlight, Agonised by love, Artrosis. He is a graphics designer of several websites: Gothic Art portal created six years ago together with Bartosz Hervy, online gallery of the painter Ewa Skierska, official website of the Agonised by Love music group etc. In 2003 Kubicki designed Zdzislaw Beksiñski’s website ( In addition to this, the artist participated in the following artistic undertakings: comadivision, designmadeinpoland or eastern frontline. Winner of the prestigious awards in the field of internet creation: American Design Award or Favourite Webside Award.

Antonio Santin

Antonio Santin born in Madrid, Spain in 1978 received his DFA in 2005. He has exhibited internationally and is represented in the collections of Centre national des arts plastiques, Paris and Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Barcelona as well as among numerous private collections worldwide.

Antonio Santín paints scenes of existential ennui, women depicted in domestic yet surreal environments cluttered with material objects. Santín, who specialized in sculpture during his studies, carves forms out of the layers upon layers of paint that he applies, arriving at densely structured yet luminescent compositions. The subjects that Santín selects for his large-scale paintings are primarily young women, who confront the viewer with a stoic gaze, almost morose in its serenity and yet silently defiant, inquisitive and unforgiving.

Santín is a draftsman of exceptional skill. Deriving inspiration from Spanish masters such as Velázquez, Goya and Greco, Santín renders his subjects with precise detail and controlled painterly flourishes. His brushstrokes take on a three dimensional treatment, reducing the paint to graduated matter that is carved away to excavate the inner being of the subject.

Alejandro Orozco Acosta

Alejandro is a 21 year old illustrator raised in Medellín, Columbia.

I’ve always felt the need to tell stories through my illustrations, it has been a duty since I realized that as I draw, I’m interpreting what I feel and what I understand of reality.

My process is mixed, I can draw with sanguine pencils or wax crayons, technical pens, permanent or water-based markers and very often with common ballpoint pens. I draw on different kinds of paper, generally in smaller formats. Sometimes I color them digitally and from time to time I transform the sketches into vector art. I have developed a technique nourished with details, with different kinds of lines, taking care of each stroke.

The themes of my illustrations are varied. I can illustrate the love that goes through a ghost of the past, who dies placidly in his short flight, or I can illustrate animals with antique and modern goods, which in turns creates interesting characters. I specially like elements such as skulls, candles, diamonds, birds, flowers, old symbols from different cultures and illustrative typography.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to show my work and I want to invite you to look carefully at the details in my illustrations.

Boris Indrikov

Boris Indrikov is a Russian painter born 1969 in Leningrad, Russia. He graduated from the Art School as graphic designer and worked for the Scientific Journal of Chemistry as illustrator. In 1994 he started his career as independent painter. His creativity is mainly expressed in a mystical realism, not seldom inspired by Eastern cultures. With an unbelievable feeling for the rythm of lines, he could have been a costume designer as well. Most of his works are monochrome in earth colors. His works can be found in collections in Russia, Holland, Germany, France and the USA.