Carmelo González

Surrealism with Cuban flavour

Carmelo González, aka Carmelo Hijo, is a Cuban painter from La Habana who resides in Tenerife, Spain. Born into a family of award-winning artists, Carmelo absorbed his love of art from an early age through his mother, Ana Rosa Gutiérrez, who was recognised as the first female engraver in Cuba, and his father, Carmelo González, who was also a famous engraver and a Symbolist painter of international renown. Through their influence, Carmelo found and developed his own artistic style that has made him the internationally celebrated artist he is today.

Combining the symbolic with the surreal, Carmelo’s art is pictorial poetry filled with metaphors for life that take us on a journey of the mind, and urge us to understand our own reality with different eyes. Chief among his sources of inspiration are Dalí and El Bosco, as well Cuba and the sociopolitical realities faced by the Cuban people, who are often forced to escape their beloved homeland due to political circumstance, only to dream of one day returning.