Best Non-Mainstream Art Fairs and Festivals in Europe

The art world has evolved and changed radically in the last twenty years. Contemporary art fairs and festivals have grown like mushrooms around the world, opening the art market to a much wider audience of art lovers who are interested in starting an art collection of their own.

At the same time, art fairs can also represent a valuable window for many talented artists who lack representation, seek to expand their audience and network, and for young artists who need an incentive to pursue their creative journey.

It is true that not all fairs are suitable for all galleries and artist profiles, so for this reason we’re focusing on contemporary art fairs and festivals that go beyond the sphere of those that somehow maintain the elitist halo the art market has always had, and exist within a different reality that makes of the art world one that is closer, more human and more friendly.

If you want to be up to date in the hottest European non-mainstream contemporary art calendar, keep this list in your back pocket — we will be updating it regularly!


Source: Widewalls

The Affordable Art Fair offers a varied range of contemporary art to suit all tastes, styles and wallets. Launched in London’s Battersea Park in October 1999; twenty years later it has thirteen different venues spread all around the world, including the European cities of London, Milan, Hamburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Behind it all is Will Ramsey, founder and CEO of the Affordable Art Fair. This Scottish art collector opened his own art gallery in London in 1996 with the same philosophy; to make art accessible through showcasing a wide variety of artwork for sale within a friendly and helpful atmosphere, and that way breakdown any misconceptions around collecting art. The gallery model was such a success that inspired Ramsey to take a step forward and launch his own art fair.

Over the years, each fair has developed its own distinct character and offers a diverse range of art to suit. What remains constant is the initial emphasis on accessibility, education and innovation. Visitors don’t have to be experts to enjoy and own original contemporary art; on the other hand, Ramsey encourages people to not feel shy and if they don’t fully understand a piece of art that piqued their interest, ask the gallerist about it - most of the exhibiting galleries at the fair are run by passionate art lovers who would be delighted to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

As it’s become usual in art fairs, along with the art exhibition, there are other activities organised such as performances, talks and various amenities to keep everybody happy. Tickets are priced between 8 and 100 EUR aprox. and can be purchased both online and at the fair. Children under 16 have free access.



The First Art Fair is a contemporary art fair launched in 2018, and takes place in Amsterdam every January for five days in the Passenger Terminal, a very unusual location for an art fair that it is both a cruise terminal and an events hub.

The fair features painting, sculpture, glass craft, photography and jewelry from hundreds of established and emergent artists spread over the stands of 30 selected European galleries.

Parallel to the art exhibition, the fair also offers other activities such as conferences, cultural immersion initiatives, and artist talks directed to those art lovers who want to deepen their understanding of art.

Tickets are 12,50 EUR for adults and 8 EUR for young people between 12 and 18 years old if purchased at th fair. If purchased online through the Eventim ticket shop same tickets have a discount. Children up to 12 years old have free admission. More info on this link.



Art Rotterdam is a four day international contemporary art fair focused on young art, and is also the hub of the Art Rotterdam Week, during which the city transforms - quoting the fair organisers - into “the Valhalla for art, design and architecture lovers”.

Every month of February for a whole week Rotterdam brims with special openings, art exhibitions in museums and art institutions, conferences, guided tours, debates, pop-up shows and art & design fairs.

Art Rotterdam has been around since 1999, and celebrates contemporary art within an intimate atmosphere with the goal to encourage the cooperation between local and international galleries, and so strenghthen their position in the art market.

In 2019 their organisers implemented a new collaborative model that allows galleries to best share their relationships and actively support each other, through a dynamic and customized architectural presentation of the artworks, which they believe is an attractive alternative to the presentations that are common in the art world.

Tickets are available at the venue and also online on their website. General entry ticket is 19,50 EUR and if purchased online visitors can enjoy a 3 EUR discount. Children up to 12 years old have free entry.



Located in southern Germany, in the artsy state of Baden-Württemberg, Art Karlsruhe opens the annual German art fair calendar since 2004.

It was founded by gallery owner and art collector Ewald Karl Schrade, who has remained to be the organiser and curator of the fair along with the Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH (Karlsruhe Trade Fair and Congress Ltd.). The fair runs every February for 4 days, and features more than 200 galleries from all over the world, which present works from classical, modern to contemporary art.

The space is organised in four sections, each of them related to a specific theme, in interaction with around 20 sculptural areas and 200 one-artist shows. Art Karlsruhe also dedicates cultural institutions from inside and outside Germany a space in the fair called the “Museum Mile”; an advertising platform with non commercial purposes, where 40 selected institutions can make use of the fair’s synergy to reach their target audience.

Along with the art exhibit, Art Karlsruhe also provides its visitors with cultural events, talks and special art shows. The tickets are available both online and in situ and their prices range from 23 to 37 EUR. Children up to 11 years old have free access to the fair.



Art Up! initially called Lille Art Fair, is a contemporary art fair created in 2008 on the initiative of the Lille Grand Palais in the French city of Lille, which takes place every February for four days.

The first edition hosted 65 art galleries and received 13,800 visitors. Today, the fair receives the visit of more than 38,000 people and welcomes more than 100 exhibitors between French galleries and international ones.

Each edition of Art Up! revolves around a thematic area. So far they’ve chosen disciplines such as architecture, sculpture and photography, and concepts such as volume.

Every year, la Nuit de l’Art (the Art’s Night) is held the first day the fair is open the the public. During this evening the exhibitors invite their featured artists to present their work to the attendees, and there are also performances, readings and other activities.

Through the weekend, the fair carries out a multidisciplinary programme of activities that includes networking sessions, workshops, special exhibitions, performances and more, distributed amongst the different spaces of the Grand Palais.

Tickets are around 10 EUR and can be acquired both online and on site. Children up to 10 years old have free entry. Check more useful info here.



JUSTMAD is a young and international art fair held in Madrid annually between the months of February and March. Its organisers are the Spanish Art Fairs group, which is also responsible for the organisation of other contemporary art events, such as JustLX fair in Lisbon.

JUSTMAD opened its doors for the first time in 2009 to support young art and the boldest new ideas, and has today become the main fair dedicated to unveil new artistic talents and showcasing the cutting-edge of art in Spain.

The fair consists of a main exhibition space that showcases works by more than 50 international galleries, featuring both established and emerging artists, and another group of parallel activities including conferences, project presentations, talks and their awards, through which they promote and reward the most daring artistic creations, as well as support those artists who are in the initial stages to help them continue carrying out their work. The fair also rewards young collectors, to give them an incentive that encourages them in the adventure of contemporary art collecting.

The general entry pass is 15 EUR and 7 EUR reduced rate. Tickets can be purchased at the fair venue, or in advance through their website.



Art Madrid was founded in 2006 in response to the need to diversify the national art market, and is currently one of the most important contemporary art fairs in Spain. It’s organised annually during five days starting at the end of February, and since 2014 it takes place in La Galería de Cristal del Palacio de Cibeles (The Glass Gallery of Cibeles Palace) in Madrid, a magnificent building located right in the center of the city.

Nowadays, the fair has consolidated itself as an exhibition platform for both young and established galleries, as well as covering a selection of historical avant-garde pieces that complete the offer.

Underneath a glazed roof that allows the natural light to pass through, the work of nearly 200 artists - both emerging and consolidated, and represented by more than 40 Spanish and international galleries - is exhibited.

In addition to the general programme, Art Madrid features the One Project programme, a curated section dedicated to unpublished projects in a single show format that has a majority of international presence and an outstanding representation of Ibero-American galleries and artists.

Also, the fair organises a parallel schedule of activities open to the public and interactive, including workshops, screenings, debates, round tables, meetings with artists and masterclasses, with the aim to involve the public in the new creative trends.

Tickets are 15 EUR for the general pass and 12 EUR for people over 65 years old, students, unemployed people and groups over 20 pax. Children up to 12 years old have free entry. Tickets can be purchased online on their website and at the fair venue.



Urvanity is the first Spanish fair dedicated to New Contemporary Art, a term that brings together disciplines based on urban art such as post-graffiti, pop surrealism or new pop art.

It opened its doors in Madrid in 2017, and since then it is celebrated every February for four days as part of the Madrid Art Week with the aim of exploring and imagining possible scenarios for this New Contemporary Art, and spread the culture throughout the city.

Urvanity brings together more than twenty national and international galleries that exhibit in the Fundación COAM space (COAM Foundation), and organises a parallel programme which features mural interventions throughout the city by renowned artists, conferences, talks and round tables curated by Brooklyn Street Art.

Emerging artists also have their own space in Urvanity, which each year organises the Tuenti - URVANITY ART New Contemporary Art contest, aimed at students of Fine Arts in the Spanish territory, and whose winners will exhibit their works along with the rest of the artists, forming thus part of the professional circuit of galleries, artists and collectors.

Tickets are 10 EUR on site, and 8 EUR if purchased online.



Talented Art Fair was founded by Oliver Norris and Leah Michelle (the Lemon Art group) in 2017 with the aim to fill a specific gap in the art fair market for artists who have a successful track record for selling their work, and who may also have gallery representation, but want to introduce their art directly to the general buying public in London.

The fair takes place every March at the Old Truman Brewery in London, and offers the public a friendly and affordable place to purchase art directly from established and emerging artists, at the same time that provides a physical platform for successful artists to interact personally with their collectors and also allows them to grow their client list.

One of the reasons why Talented Art Fair is so popular with art buyers and collectors, is that there is a ceiling price cap of £5,000 on individual artworks, although most originals for sale range from approx. £300 to £1,500, making buying art both enjoyable and affordable.

Usually the fair goes on for three days. Tickets for the opening day are £10 and are available online on Eventbrite. The other two days of the fair entry is free, but you will need a ticket for which you can register also on the same site. Visit the fair website for more info.



The Discovery Art Fairs take place annually in three different German cities - Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt -, presenting young fresh art and transcending the elitism of other art fairs. They focus on contemporary art exclusively, which allows them to offer visitors a direct insight into new art market trends, and to introduce them to new faces of the art world.

Every year, around 100 international exhibitors take part in each fair, showcasing their program to around 10.000 art lovers and collectors. The Discovery Art Fairs are organised so artists, galleries and project spaces exhibit next to each other and get equal impact on the visitors.

The events are distributed in three main curated segments dedicated to Contemporary Fine Art, Urban Art and Photography, which was added in 2013 to the 10th edition of the BERLINER LISTE (the Discovery Art Fair in Berlin), and has proven to be one of the most dynamic and popular segments of the Discovery Art Fairs. It’s represented one of the cornerstones of the fair’s evolution, and also cleared up the path for the opening of the urban art section in 2016, which plays an important role in promoting an open and friendly philosophy of art, where elitism and rigidity doesn’t exist, and where talent mustn’t be questioned based on its origin.

The Discovery Art Fairs 2019 will only take place in Cologne, April, and Frankfurt, November; the Berlin branch will be back in 2020. Tickets are 15 EUR and children up to 12 years old have free entry. You can purchase them both online on their website and directly at the venue (concession tickets are available only at the ticket counter).



Supermarket is an independent art fair in Stockholm, run by artists with the aim to showcase initiatives by artists from around the world. Their aim is to display unique projects and ideas, create opportunities to networks within the Swedish and the international art scene, and share the passion and vitality that are essential to the independent side of the art world.

They started in 2007 with a small group of local art initiatives, and are currently hosting exhibitors from more than 60 countries; all part of a growing international trend of artist-run galleries, project spaces, artist collectives and other artists’ initiatives. becoming increasingly common for artists to take matters in their hands and set up galleries and project spaces. SUPERMARKET provides the scenario for the audience to directly interact, gain awareness and be part of the present reality of the artist-run scene.

The fair takes place every April for four days, and presents a varied plan including the main art exhibition, talks, performances, meetings, a professional networking programme, and a forum. Tickets are available online at the fair’s website, and the price is 120 SEK (11,50 EUR) for early birds - 150 SEK (14,50 EUR) regular price -, and for 100 SEK (9,60 EUR) for students and seniors - regular price 120 SEK (11,50 EUR).



Art Brussels is one of the oldest art fairs both in Europe and worldwide. It was founded in 1968, and with more than 50 years in the art scene it’s become a must-see in the international art calendar.

It takes place annually in the month of April in the emblematic building Tour & Taxis, in the centre of Brussels, and represents a unique opportunity to leap into the richness of the artistic and cultural scene of this European capital, and get around the city following the varied offer of parallel activities and events organised during the event.

Keeping a dynamic and young vibe, each year around 150 international galleries exhibit their work in this contemporary art fair, which since 2019 is including their new section INVITED, created to give voice to emerging galleries or art spaces that are transcending the typical gallery format and have never before participated in the fair.

The exhibiting galleries are organised in three sections, DISCOVERY that focuses on young, emerging and lesser-known artists with recent works, PRIME focusing on established artists from modern to contemporary, and REDISCOVERY which is dedicated to art from the 20th century by living or deceased artists that are under-recognised, underestimated or forgotten. Art Brussels also features a selection of SOLO presentations that are spread throughout the fair, and through which galleries make a statement by showing one specific project by an individual artist.

Tickets can be purchased both at the fair venue and online, with major discount. Find all about it here.



Since 2001, OFFF has been a window for artistic design and a reference point for new talents and projects. It takes place in the heart of Barcelona annually, around April or May, while it tours the world as OFFF on Tour for the rest of the year.

OFFF first started as a festival dedicated to films made in Flash (a multimedia software platform that began to be used at that time to record short films), however the second year other disciplines were added, and since then it has been growing and evolving without repeating the same formula twice, so their public can always expect something new and exciting.

Founded by Hector Ayuso, who continues to act as artistic director, OFFF Barcelona is not what we know as an “art fair”, but a dynamic and interactive event, a “factory of ideas” as its organisers define it, in which to learn from international talents through conferences, workshops, activities and performances.

Tickets range from 145.20 EUR for “mega early birds” (including General Pass 3 day Ticket + OFFF 2019 Official Book + Official T-shirt + Official Bag) to 199,65 EUR for regular tickets (including General Pass 3 day Ticket + OFFF 2019 Official Book). Workshops are extra, and tickets must be purchased online on their website.

Usually tickets for this event sold out pretty fast, so we highly encourage you to keep your eyes wide open if you want to own one!



JustLX Lisboa was born in 2018 as a response to the need of an emerging art fair in one of the cities with the fastest commercial and economic growth in Europe, and a wide and vibrant artistic community.

The organisers of this event are the guys from the Spanish group Art Fairs, who started working on 2009 and so far they’ve signed fairs such as JUSTMAD (International Emerging Art Fair, 9 editions in Madrid), JUSTMADMIA (International Emerging Art Fair of Miami, 1 edition in Miami) and SUMMA (international Fair of Contemporary Art, 3 editions in Madrid).

Each May, JustLX brings to Lisbon a celebration of international contemporary art in style, within a fresh, young atmosphere to suit the new demands of emerging collectors. The fair is located in the Museu da Carris, in the cultural Alcántara district, and it’s distributed in an indoor open-plan and an open-air space of 2,000 m2. The dynamic, cosmopolitan character of the city, along with its broad cultural and gastronomic offer, make of Lisbon the ideal venue for this fair and provide the visitors of the fair with a truly enjoyable experience.

General pass tickets are 10 EUR, and 5 EUR for students, unemployed and retired people. Discount tickets are available for sale in advance online at Check their website for updated info.



Brighton Festival is an annual celebration of music, theatre, dance, circus, art, film, literature, debate, outdoor and family events, that takes place in different and unusual venues all across the English city of Brighton for three weeks every May. The event is organised by the same team that runs the city’s leading arts venue, the Brighton Dome, which is also a registered charity and with which you can collaborate by joining as a Member or Patron, getting involved as a sponsor or making a donation.

Established in 1967, Brighton Festival has become one of the city’s most enduring symbols of inventiveness and celebration. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and experimental reputation, the festival is known for its ambitious and daring programme that aims to make the most of the city’s distinctive cultural atmosphere, drawing some of the most innovative artists and companies from the UK and around the world.

Since 2009 Brighton Festival has attracted a wealth of inspiring and internationally significant guest artistic directors including British sculptor Anish Kapoor, musician Brian Eno, Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi (2011), and actress and human rights campaigner Vanessa Redgrave amongst others. Malian singer, songwriter and guitarist Rokia Traoré will be the guest director on the festival’s 2019 edition.

Events tickets can be purchased online, physically and also by phone. You can find out all about it here.



The ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN is a German festival that was born in 2007 when a young group of art & management students from Görlitz braved to organise an art show counting only on a handful of artists and a small budget.

More than 10 years later, their idea has proven itself to be successful, as the festival has kept going annually every month of May gathering an increasingly varied group of exhibitors, activities and visitors from both Germany and abroad.

One of the festival’s main distinguishing mark has to do with its locations. Every year, the organising team chooses empty abandoned places in Görlitz and bring them back to life for the a whole week. These venues change every year, as well as the organising team, which makes each ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN unique.

This contemporary art festival offers their visitors a varied program including art exhibitions, concerts, parties, performances, poetry slams, and interactive workshops. It’s suitable for youngsters, adults, families, and anybody who looks for a different and fresh approach to the arts world.

Day tickets are 5 EUR and the weekly pass is 25 EUR (20 EUR with discount). Find out more about ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN festival on their Facebook page and on their site.



Every year for five weeks through the months of May and June, the International Culture Festival puts Vienna in the spotlight of contemporary art stage.

The festival kicks-off in May with the traditional and inspiring opening party at Rathausplatz in Vienna, giving way to a show that features the latest works by over 430 artists from 19 nationalities, which will be shown at 27 different venues throughout the city.

The Wiener Festwochen started in the 1950s laying important foundations towards creating a new image for Vienna, both nationally and internationally, and to reconnect with the world after both Vienna and Austria had been isolated by Austro-fascism and Nazism. There was a need to reintegrate the city and the country into the international art and culture scene, promote life, openness, and the idea of a future. For this reason, the Wiener Festwochen has always taken on cultural and socio-political challenges in order to raise awareness through art.

The Wiener Festwochen is a multidisciplinary festival that combines theatre, performance, dance, music, fine arts, installation, discourse, workshops, and new art forms that cannot yet be categorised. It’s main goal is to create a framework for new alliances, and to boost fruitful dialogues between well established artists and emerging figures, as well as amongst the audiences.

Tickets can be purchased online and on site, and they can also be booked in advance through their website.



The LISTE is an international art fair in Basel that presents new discoveries of the contemporary art scene. It takes place annually for one week during the month of June in the Werkraum Warteck pp, a former brewery with rooms distributed over five floors and a plethora of hidden corners.

Every year since 1996, a younger generation of galleries has been showing artists who are outstanding representatives of the latest developments and tendencies in contemporary art. For the gallery owners, the appearance on the LISTE is the opportunity to network worldwide and to present their program to a high-caliber specialist audience and those interested in art, who gather in the most important week of the international art calendar in Basel.

To visitors, the fair means dealing with international artistic talents that not only represent the present but also create it - with new aesthetics, media and values.

Under the premise of promoting young art, the LISTE Committee annually selects around 75 - 80 galleries from over 30 countries. Many of today’s most important contemporary art gallery owners have laid a central foundation for their success on the LISTE.

Check their visitor information here.



Code is an art fair that takes place every year in Copenhagen for four days in late August, within the dramatic glass and steel structure of the Bella Centre, Scandinavia’s largest exhibition venue which with its spaces bathed in natural light makes it an ideal venue for a date with contemporary art.

Their mission is to discover and showcase some of the best contemporary art both from the Nordic region and from around the world.

It presents leading as well as emerging galleries and invite visitors to experience contemporary art in an informal atmosphere. The exhibiting galleries and projects are selected by a curatorial team in a mission to exhibit progressive and thought-provoking presentations.

Code also features a tailored group of activities including film section, talks and a performance program, to meet and discuss relevant topics that are shaping the contemporary art scene as well as our society as a whole.

Visitor information available here.



ART-O-RAMA is an international contemporary art meeting held in Marseille every last weekend of August since 2004. It is organised by the group Art Plus and takes place right by the sea, in the J1 building at the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (the Marseille sea port).

The fair brings together 30 exhibiting galleries and publishers that have been selected by an artistic committee. Each of them will present a proposal of their choice and will freely configure their exhibiting space to match their artistic project. This way, ART-O-RAMA transforms the traditional fair stand into a real and personalised exhibition space that focuses on the presented project.

ART-O-RAMA also supports young artists from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region through their curated section Show Room, which selects a group of emergent artists to shwcase their work in the fair, and their prize. Both initiatives aim to support young artists, and provide them with the opportunity to broaden their visibility and their professional network.

Tickets are 8 EUR or 4 EUR reduced, and are available at the fair counter. The exhibition remains open until September 15th. Visit their website for updated info.



Helsinki Festival is the largest arts festival in Finland. It takes place every year for two weeks through the months of August and September, and it’s organised by the Helsinki Events Foundation, established by the City of Helsinki.

This multidisciplinary festival offers a rich programme featuring classical and world music, theatre, dance, circus and visual arts, as well as a varied range of events happening in different locations throughout the city.

Tickets are sold exclusively via Ticketmaster Finland in the form of electronic eTickets that can either be printed or shown on your mobile phone when entering the event. You can also book tickets online and collect them at a ticket outlet, or get them delivered to your home by post. More info here.



Every September for five days, Berlin hosts the latest developments in contemporary art and brings together an important show representing both the local and the international artistic scene. Visitors can expect large-scale exhibitions featuring established artists as well as presentations of yet-to-be-discovered artists across diverse genres.

Berlin Art Week was created in 2012 as a consortium of various partners, and since then has established its reputation as the yearly key event for contemporary art in Berlin combining exhibitions, art fairs, art awards, and an auxiliary programme featuring talks, films, and tours. In addition, Berlin Art Week offers a window into private collections, project spaces, and city sites for artistic productions.

At the heart of the Berlin Art Week are two fairs, Art Berlin Contemporary (abc) and Positions Berlin. The abc fair was founded in 2008 by 9 local galleries with the aim to break with the traditional art fair approach, in which each gallery has their separate booth. Instead, abc provides larger open spaces that can be used by the galleries to display anything from paintings or drawings to sculptures and installations, and usually featuring works by one artist only. The idea behind this is to create a coherent exhibition that follows a narrative. Positions Berlin on his side, was founded in 2014 and follows a more traditional approach, providing separate booths to a multitude of national and international galleries. In addition to these two core art fairs, during the art week 15 museums and exhibition halls, almost 70 galleries, a theater and 11 Berlin private collections are open to visitors.

Tickets for all chargeable exhibitions during Berlin Art Week will be available individually at the ticket counters of all venues. Standard admission fees and reductions generally apply; free admission to all exhibition openings. Find updated information on their official website.



Swab Barcelona is an international art fair that runs for four days every month of September in Barcelona. It features galleries from different parts of the world and a wide range of curated projects with the aim to support and showcase young, emerging talent from the contemporary art scene. It is a place to be updated with the most innovative artistic proposals and where to meet local and international artists from all disciplines who are pushing the boundaries of expression and tracing the course of the art scene for years to come.

The fair was founded in 2006 by collector Joaquín Díez-Cascón with the purpose of breaking with the elitist and hermetic idea that often surrounds the art scene, and make it accessible to the general public while supporting emergent artists, galleries, and curators looking to leap into the contemporary art market.

Nowadays Swab receives around 20,000 visitors, and includes a large number of curated programmes, prizes and activities that go beyond the fair walls into the Barcelona urban area.

One of the trademarks of the fair are their MYFAF and Swab Seed programs, both designed to support and help young artists, galleries and independent spaces gain visibility. The first gives grants to three selected galleries that are less than two years old and have never participated in an international art fair before, with the aim to give them a boost to leap into the international art circuit. Swab Seed, on the other hand, is a program aimed at alternative and collective art exhibition spaces that combine the traditional gallery model with new and different ways to exhibit and create art.

They also organise a Collector’s Programme, to assist art collectors who wish to expand their collections and also to help those new collectors who are passionate about starting their own journey in the art collecting world and would like to have some guidance.

Tickets can be purchased at the fair venue. Children up to 14 years old have free entry. Find more info here.



The Accessible Art Fair (AAF) is a contemporary art fair founded in 2007 by Canadian-born arts curator Stephanie Manasseh with the mission to provide talented artists, both emerging and established, with a platform to sell their work.

The fair takes place every October for four days in the Palais des Beaux-Arts (Fine Art Palace) of Brussels, and features more than 50 artists including local and international painters, photographers, sculptors and designers.

Though exhibiting artists are handpicked by a professional jury, the organisation also gives an opportunity to young curators to help with the choice of the individual works and their placing.

The Accessible Art Fair aims to offer a high-end platform that connects artists with a varied and discerning public. To visitors, the fair represents a unique opportunity to discover and actually meet the artists, avoiding this way the interaction barriers that can be inherent to a gallery and creating a relationship artist-collector based on a greater understanding of the true passion behind the artist’s work.

More info about the fair on their official website.



MARTE is a Spanish platform for the dissemination of contemporary art that carries out activities throughout the year and culminates in November with the celebration of the Contemporary Art Fair of Castellón, which opened its doors in 2016 and has already positioned itself as the most important art fair of the Mediterranean.

The fair is held in the Auditorium and Conference Center of Castellón and is consists of different sections addressing various areas related to the art world.

Curated Space is the main area dedicated to the exhibition of the works of those contemporary artists selected to participate in the fair. Social Space is one of the main axes of the fair since its beginning, and aims towards the activist side of art which defends and transforms social conscience through artistic proposals. The Laboratory Space section on its side, offers a varied program with conferences, round tables and activities seeking to inspire people to reflect on contemporary art from angles as diverse as the search for alternatives for the economic survival of the artist, or the analysis of the different profiles of art collector.

Orbital Space brings together different institutional spaces and special projects, and offers through its prize the possibility for two artists without a gallery - one local and one national - to exhibit their work. Orbital Expedition is the section of the fair that takes place outside the main venue and proposes exhibitions in different points of the province of Castellón. Finally, MARTE Editorial brings together a large number of publications related to art, which expose its catalog through various initiatives.

The activities developed by MARTE throughout the year are free entry. The general pass to attend the fair costs 5 EUR and can be purchased online from its website.