Artzine 2018 Prize Winners

Four masterpieces by four brilliant artists

Artzine is proud to announce the winners of the Art Prize 2018! Four masterpieces by four brilliant artists, who’ve been chosen by a professional jury and public voting as the best artworks in their respective categories.

We would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved, both judges and participants. It has been a very high level contest and an extremely rewarding experience that has brought us closer to our artists and community. Without further ado, here are the winners…

Figurative Art

Portrait in Precipitate by Dylan Eakin

Charcoal, Graphite, and Acrylic on Bristol Paper
45.7cm x 61cm
“I've been trying to exploring the limitations of medium for a couple of years, and nothing gets me more excited than charcoal. Discovering the endless ways it can be drawn, applied, and textured against paper has kept me moving from one project to the next. My biggest hope is to get a drawing to stay in your eyes for just a while.” Dylan Eakin, Seattle (United States)
Portrait in Precipitate
Abstract Art

Animalia by Fernando Velazquez

Oil on canvas
150cm x 100cm
“I truly believe in the immense power of painting to reveal the deepest mysteries of the human condition. I paint to understand the world around me, discovering unknown territories full of meaning. Painting gives me the opportunity to see reality with clean eyes. The distinction between abstraction and figurative art has no relevance for me; all art is real, based upon our physical dimension and the endless current of our imagination.” Fernando Velázquez, Sevilla
Urban Art

#4 by Spidertag

Spray, wooden pallets, nails and wires connected to batteries
200cm x 50cm
“I am an urban artist who walks the streets since 2008 in search for the perfect place to create. In my work I combine minimalism, abstraction, geometry and symbolism to give shape to murals of large dimensions as well as ephemeral works that appear and vanish as if by magic. I enjoy confronting straight lines and neon -with its futuristic and retro-futuristic connotations-, with decadent lost forgotten places, to create my personal interactive universe. Stay tuned, the NEONMETRY era is coming.” Spidertag, Madrid (Spain)
People's Choice
“My world is the colour. Colour shows so much more information, vibrations and rhythm than any other art instrument. With colour you can express nearly everything, from real objects, shapes and views, to the deepest feelings, atmospheres and even air. The most satisfying thing in the world for me is to admire how brushstrokes can create shapes that in close-up look like total chaos, however from the distance the brain collects them into real (not photorealistic) images or scenes, that have the power to transmit the vibrations of light, the experience of silence or the smells of a flower. That is the miracle I'm always looking for in art.” Maria Liachovitskaya, Saint Petersbourg (Russia)
Mexican woman selling oranges