Adrián Astorga

Exploring the language of the abstract

Adrian is an emerging Venezuelan-Spanish artist based in Barcelona, who enjoys international recongnition for his talent and powerful abstracts.

His art is his own language, a meditative work through which he communicates his personal vision of both the outer and the inner worlds. Each piece is the result of a creative process defined by the study of the complex relationship between elements such as color, shape, rhythm and tension, and how they combine to push the boundaries of shape and form in order to express unknown and unconventional messages.

When diving into his universe, Adrian asks of us to soften our eyes and mind, and allow ourselves to perceive without preconceptions, free from established patterns or limitations. This way, the artist can achieve his ultimate purpose of turning each of his paintings into a experience of self-exploration, given shape to by the unique feelings and emotions that arise from the viewer.

More by Adrian Astorga

More by Adrian Astorga