Artworks For Sale

Cordillera Add to Favorites
Pintura al oleo 250x70 cm
250 x 70 cm
Mixity 2Add to Favorites
Mixity 2
Acrylics on canvas
160 x 80 cm
 In unreal dayAdd to Favorites
In unreal day
acrylic,ink, charcoal on canvas
200 x 120 cm
Breaking the cycleAdd to Favorites
Breaking the cycle
Oil on canvas
152 x 127 cm
KIrkiAdd to Favorites
oil, pencil and car paint on canvas
250 x 200 cm
Bodyscape II.Add to Favorites
Bodyscape II.
mixed media (oil, glue, varnish, lacquer, etc.) on canvas
170 x 130 cm
Le champ d'or - the golden fieldAdd to Favorites
Le champ d'or - the golden field
acrylic, acrylic markers and spray on canvas
200 x 400 cm
Abstract Eden GardenAdd to Favorites
Abstract Eden Garden
Acrylic on Canvas.
200 x 122 cm
Slut, Bitch, PrudeAdd to Favorites
Slut, Bitch, Prude
Unique distressed archival pigment prints with acrylic paint, acrylic medium, encaustic, and gold leaf
335 x 173 cm
Symphony nr. 3, The Voice of NatureAdd to Favorites
Symphony nr. 3, The Voice of Nature
Acrylic paint on canvas
175 x 175 cm
KayapoAdd to Favorites
Mix media
160 x 160 cm
Wiffle BallstinkhornAdd to Favorites
Wiffle Ballstinkhorn
Oil and Acrylic on stretched canvas.
152 x 243 cm
The Last LeafAdd to Favorites
The Last Leaf
Acrylic Paint On Canvas
183 x 183 cm
The pursuitAdd to Favorites
The pursuit
Oil on canvas
170 x 100 cm
First Sergeant (1)Add to Favorites
First Sergeant (1)
Charcoal and pastel on Paper Mounted on Wood
213 x 153 cm