Artworks For Sale

Free fallAdd to Favorites
Free fall
oil on canvas
150 x 110 cm
AeonAdd to Favorites
Oleo sobre lienzo
120 x 150 cm
Vista IIAdd to Favorites
Vista II
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
79 x 99 cm
AnglesAdd to Favorites
Oil on jute, painted with solvent and hog hair brush (triptych, each panel is 42cm x 30cm)
120 x 42 cm
Traces of LifeAdd to Favorites
Traces of Life
Oil on hardboard
116 x 100 cm
"Colours" Add to Favorites
oils on canvas
140 x 100 cm
BLACK FOREST 1Add to Favorites
Oil on canvas
90 x 100 cm
The Shadow of IntentionsAdd to Favorites
The Shadow of Intentions
Oil and Acrylic n Canvas
100 x 100 cm
SpringAdd to Favorites
Oil on Canvas
73 x 46 cm
After the BallAdd to Favorites
After the Ball
Oil on Canvas
85 x 100 cm
KayapoAdd to Favorites
Mix media
160 x 160 cm
Faceless IIIAdd to Favorites
Faceless III
Oils on Steel
100 x 150 cm
FragmentAdd to Favorites
Acrylic paint and spray can on canvas
140 x 200 cm
Pearls ANT15n26Add to Favorites
Pearls ANT15n26
Painting: Oil on Canvas. 116x89
89 x 116 cm
In the Golden LightAdd to Favorites
In the Golden Light
Oil on Canvas
120 x 100 cm
"Some Kind Of Wonderful", 2019Add to Favorites
"Some Kind Of Wonderful", 2019
acrylic, enamel, charcoal and oil stick on canvas
152 x 137 cm