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Pearls ANT15n26Add to Favorites
Pearls ANT15n26
Painting: Oil on Canvas. 116x89
89 x 116 cm
The Childhood viiAdd to Favorites
The Childhood vii
acrylic on canvas
76 x 76 cm
Free fallAdd to Favorites
Free fall
oil on canvas
150 x 110 cm
ANT17n45Add to Favorites
Oil on canvas
50 x 65 cm
Colors and ContrastsAdd to Favorites
Colors and Contrasts
mixed media (paper, acrylics)
40 x 50 cm
Sweet Dreams Are Made of ThisAdd to Favorites
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Mixed Media Collage on etching paper with acrylic painting, handcut images and gold touches.
30 x 40 cm
Edén 2016Add to Favorites
Edén 2016
Dibujo a tintas, impresos y acrílicos sobre cartulina especial entelada.
55 x 65 cm
KIrkiAdd to Favorites
oil, pencil and car paint on canvas
250 x 200 cm
CLARIDADAdd to Favorites
Oil and Sand on Canvas.
100 x 120 cm
The HillAdd to Favorites
The Hill
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 120 cm
The Remembrances of The Soul IIAdd to Favorites
The Remembrances of The Soul II
Photography, Manipulated
30 x 30 cm
Smooth warriorAdd to Favorites
Smooth warrior
Acrylic and Ink on MDF panel
90 x 70 cm
Wiffle BallstinkhornAdd to Favorites
Wiffle Ballstinkhorn
Oil and Acrylic on stretched canvas.
152 x 243 cm
"Magical Forest"Add to Favorites
"Magical Forest"
acrylics & oils on canvas
300 x 200 cm
The Earth Room IIAdd to Favorites
The Earth Room II
Photography, Manipulated
30 x 30 cm