Artworks For Sale

WindowAdd to Favorites
Oil on Canvas
76 x 51 cm
Musae ClioAdd to Favorites
Musae Clio
oil on canvas
100 x 150 cm
 SadnessAdd to Favorites
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
150 x 100 cm
"Colours" Add to Favorites
oils on canvas
140 x 100 cm
The Childhood viiiAdd to Favorites
The Childhood viii
acrylic and oil colors on canvas
76 x 76 cm
Rainy DayAdd to Favorites
Rainy Day
Oil on Canvas
100 x 80 cm
The Childhood xxiiAdd to Favorites
The Childhood xxii
acrylic on canvas
90 x 90 cm
El BornAdd to Favorites
El Born
acrílico sobre tela
73 x 54 cm
Sin horizonteAdd to Favorites
Sin horizonte
Acrílico sobre lienzo.
190 x 170 cm
The hedonistAdd to Favorites
The hedonist
Oils on streyched linen
35 x 42 cm
The columnAdd to Favorites
The column
oil on canvas
130 x 195 cm
"Dancing in the Silence"Add to Favorites
"Dancing in the Silence"
oil on canvas/gold leaf
110 x 110 cm
Madame MoustacheAdd to Favorites
Madame Moustache
oil and human hair on linen
120 x 100 cm
Those Are The Old OnesAdd to Favorites
Those Are The Old Ones
Charcoal and Graphite
45 x 61 cm
SpringAdd to Favorites
Oil on Canvas
73 x 46 cm
PerseusAdd to Favorites
tempera grassa on wooden support
40 x 50 cm
GuardianAdd to Favorites
Oil on linen canvas
55 x 100 cm