Abstract Paintings

Series Touching Roulette Add to Favorites

Series Touching Roulette

65cm x 100cm
Oil canvas acrylic
Composition No. 25 Add to Favorites

Composition No. 25

127cm x 127cm
Oil on Canvas
Low Life Add to Favorites

Low Life

100cm x 140cm
acrylic on canvas
"Do you hear?" "Listen better!" Add to Favorites

"Do you hear?" "Listen better!"

113cm x 165cm
Natural mineral pigment and coffee residue rubbed on watercolor paper
Burst Add to Favorites


110cm x 120cm
Mixed media on canvas. Acrylic, gouache, tempera, stick paint
Un instante en tu  memoria Add to Favorites

Un instante en tu memoria

100cm x 100cm
Acrilico sobre lienzo
pin up angel Add to Favorites

pin up angel

100cm x 120cm
acrylic on canvas
Expression... "serie : FREE EXPRESSION 2017" Add to Favorites

Expression... "serie : FREE EXPRESSION 2017"

100cm x 100cm
Mixed media on canvas, artwork delivered with certificate of authenticity
Flame, Heart, Invisible Physiology Add to Favorites

Flame, Heart, Invisible Physiology

110cm x 120cm
Mixed media on canvas. Acrylic, gouache, tempera, stick paint
Couleurs vagabondes Add to Favorites

Couleurs vagabondes

70cm x 70cm
Mixed media on canvas
L01 Landscape Add to Favorites

L01 Landscape

150cm x 100cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Quiétude Add to Favorites


80cm x 80cm
acrylic on canvas
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Add to Favorites

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

152cm x 182cm
acrylic on canvas
Under The Sea Add to Favorites

Under The Sea

84.1cm x 118.9cm
Black Mount Board with Scalpel
Portrait of Overlap 3 Add to Favorites

Portrait of Overlap 3

95cm x 122cm
Oil on Canvas
"Purple Conversation" Add to Favorites

"Purple Conversation"

50cm x 80cm
Mixed media on canvas (fluid acrylics, ink and resin)
Study on Vincent van Gogh's Emotions #2 Add to Favorites

Study on Vincent van Gogh's Emotions #2

61cm x 92cm
Oil on canvas, painted with solvent and hog hair brush
Break through Add to Favorites

Break through

120cm x 120cm
Oil on canvas
Shelter me Add to Favorites

Shelter me

60cm x 60cm
high quality acrylics and pigments on professionally mounted 3D canvas