Artworks For Sale

EncontroAdd to Favorites
acrylic on canvas
80 x 80 cm
El princio del finAdd to Favorites
El princio del fin
Tecnica mixta sobre lienzo
130 x 115 cm
INK WATER GOLD: Water and WineAdd to Favorites
INK WATER GOLD: Water and Wine
Ink, watercolor, gold/copper leaf, resin on rice paper, hardboard mounted on unstretched canvas
38 x 53 cm
CREPUSCULEAdd to Favorites
acrylic on canvas
60 x 60 cm
Breaking the cycleAdd to Favorites
Breaking the cycle
Oil on canvas
152 x 127 cm
SéquencesAdd to Favorites
oil painting on linen
60 x 60 cm
Break throughAdd to Favorites
Break through
Oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
"Purple Conversation"Add to Favorites
"Purple Conversation"
Mixed media on canvas (fluid acrylics, ink and resin)
50 x 80 cm
ResumingAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on canvas
180 x 100 cm
Montagne MagiqueAdd to Favorites
Montagne Magique
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 101 cm
Nothing Is SomethingAdd to Favorites
Nothing Is Something
Acrylic, enamel, polycrylic, resin, ink, powdered pearl pigment on wood
122 x 183 cm
 SadnessAdd to Favorites
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
150 x 100 cm
I am changingAdd to Favorites
I am changing
Oil on canvas
90 x 120 cm