nightingale, make a moaning soundAdd to Favorites
nightingale, make a moaning sound
mix media & Acrylic on Canvas
125 x 65 cm
The taste of MexicoAdd to Favorites
The taste of Mexico
Oil in linen canvas
70 x 50 cm
Homemade picklingAdd to Favorites
Homemade pickling
Oil on linen canvas
90 x 50 cm
DahliasAdd to Favorites
Oil on primed panel
54 x 58 cm
Tuscan nostalgia Add to Favorites
Tuscan nostalgia
Oil on linen canvas
120 x 100 cm
Saint Add to Favorites
Mixed media on hard board
50 x 50 cm
Dona reclinadaAdd to Favorites
Dona reclinada
oleo sobre lienzo
61 x 50 cm
The last sunlightAdd to Favorites
The last sunlight
Oil on linen canvas
100 x 60 cm
PORTO windowsAdd to Favorites
PORTO windows
watercolor on thick paper
30 x 90 cm