Artworks For Sale

PresentAdd to Favorites
Oil on linen
100 x 120 cm
MacondoAdd to Favorites
mixed media, oil on printed fabric
120 x 150 cm
Homemade picklingAdd to Favorites
Homemade pickling
Oil on linen canvas
90 x 50 cm
Un gos de carrerAdd to Favorites
Un gos de carrer
oleo sobre tela
61 x 50 cm
ConchaAdd to Favorites
Obra realizada al óleo sobre lienzo de lino
81 x 65 cm
AnglesAdd to Favorites
Oil on jute, painted with solvent and hog hair brush (triptych, each panel is 42cm x 30cm)
120 x 42 cm
The Shadow of IntentionsAdd to Favorites
The Shadow of Intentions
Oil and Acrylic n Canvas
100 x 100 cm
WorldAdd to Favorites
Oil canvas acrylic
150 x 60 cm
Yo en tus ojosAdd to Favorites
Yo en tus ojos
Óleo sobre lienzo
140 x 170 cm
Unspoken IIAdd to Favorites
Unspoken II
Oil on wood
50 x 60 cm
Pearl Add to Favorites
Oil on linen canvas
120 x 100 cm
Boats 2Add to Favorites
Boats 2
Oil on canvas
116 x 81 cm
In a Perfect WorldAdd to Favorites
In a Perfect World
Oil and graphite relief on primed Japanese board
100 x 124 cm