Artworks For Sale

SadkoAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on canvas
100 x 120 cm
The DjinnAdd to Favorites
The Djinn
Mixed media on panel (acrylic, oil, pastel and silverware from the Hotel Queen Elizabeth)
152 x 92 cm
Terre brûléeAdd to Favorites
Terre brûlée
Pigment and charcoal on Paper
300 x 165 cm
Bodyscape II.Add to Favorites
Bodyscape II.
mixed media (oil, glue, varnish, lacquer, etc.) on canvas
170 x 130 cm
TECH-QUILAAdd to Favorites
Oil & Sand on Canvas
100 x 160 cm
DreamingAdd to Favorites
mixed media on canvas
60 x 120 cm
Couleurs vagabondesAdd to Favorites
Couleurs vagabondes
Mixed media on canvas
70 x 70 cm
Like a VirginAdd to Favorites
Like a Virgin
Acrylic, gold leaf, plus "secret" ingredients!
130 x 195 cm
NostalgiaAdd to Favorites
mixed media (oil, glue, varnish, lacquer, stuffing foam, screenprint) on paper glued on canvas
90 x 60 cm
Flame, Heart, Invisible PhysiologyAdd to Favorites
Flame, Heart, Invisible Physiology
Mixed media on canvas. Acrylic, gouache, tempera, stick paint
110 x 120 cm
Green WingsAdd to Favorites
Green Wings
mixed media on canvas
60 x 120 cm
Edén 2016Add to Favorites
Edén 2016
Dibujo a tintas, impresos y acrílicos sobre cartulina especial entelada.
55 x 65 cm
KatyaAdd to Favorites
Oil on linen canvas
140 x 200 cm
CLARIDADAdd to Favorites
Oil and Sand on Canvas.
100 x 120 cm
El cuentoAdd to Favorites
El cuento
mixed media on panel
80 x 120 cm
PerseusAdd to Favorites
tempera grassa on wooden support
40 x 50 cm
KayapoAdd to Favorites
Mix media
160 x 160 cm