Artworks For Sale

SéquencesAdd to Favorites
oil painting on linen
60 x 60 cm
EvelynAdd to Favorites
Oil painting on Canvas
122 x 122 cm
BurstAdd to Favorites
Mixed media on canvas. Acrylic, gouache, tempera, stick paint
110 x 120 cm
from street lifeAdd to Favorites
from street life
Oil on Canvas) acrilic
190 x 140 cm
Pearl Add to Favorites
Oil on linen canvas
120 x 100 cm
Big BeakAdd to Favorites
Big Beak
oil on canvas panel
50 x 40 cm
Traces of LifeAdd to Favorites
Traces of Life
Oil on hardboard
116 x 100 cm
"Hey, you!"Add to Favorites
"Hey, you!"
acrylics & oils on canvas
80 x 160 cm
PerseusAdd to Favorites
tempera grassa on wooden support
40 x 50 cm
AnglesAdd to Favorites
Oil on jute, painted with solvent and hog hair brush (triptych, each panel is 42cm x 30cm)
120 x 42 cm
DancerAdd to Favorites
Oil on Canvas
60 x 100 cm
The Deconstructed WomanAdd to Favorites
The Deconstructed Woman
Oil and gold leaf on Canvas
150 x 200 cm
BloqueadoAdd to Favorites
acrílico sobre tabla
62 x 122 cm
Saint Jerome WritingAdd to Favorites
Saint Jerome Writing
oil and renaissance materials on canvas
160 x 115 cm
 SadnessAdd to Favorites
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
150 x 100 cm
EmilieAdd to Favorites
Acrylic on canvas
33 x 41 cm
The Childhood viiiAdd to Favorites
The Childhood viii
acrylic and oil colors on canvas
76 x 76 cm