Artzine is an art marketplace where collectors can discover and purchase original works from emerging and established international artists.

We’re here to proffer a positive change in the art world by putting the power in the hands of the artists, and providing meaningful opportunities and access to buyers around the world through a modern platform that blends aesthetic taste with cutting edge technology.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”— Andy Warhol

Quality first and foremost

We carefuly select the artists that are presented on Artzine in order to maintain the highest quality of art. This is our quality assurance to artists and collectors, and our point of difference from other platforms.

Being selective doesn’t mean we only accept works from big name artists, we are more interested in originality and art that transmits something special to the beholder.

Supporting artist success

Our platform provides a powerful set of tools for artists to sell their work online.

Each artist has their own customisable gallery space that can be shared with anybody, just like a digital business card that doubles as an online store for their works.

We take care of all the marketing, logistics, and payment processing so artists can concentrate on creating their art without distractions.

Cutting edge technology

Artzine is more than just a pretty face, we harness the power of the latest web technology to make our platform unique.

Our search engine can help you find what you’re looking in just a few clicks with a plethora of searchable criteria, including colour spectrum matching, and personalised results which show you more of the art your interested in based on your previous searches, followed artists, and favourited artworks.

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