Our mission

Artzine’s mission is to proffer a positive change in the art world through working closely with artists and physical galleries to provide them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital era.

We firmly believe that the alliance between the virtual and the physical is fundamental for the evolution of the arts world, and that from this union will arise a renewed and powerful era for the arts.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”Andy Warhol

Quality first and foremost

Our selection process is our quality assurance to artists, dealers and collectors. All artwork that’s displayed on Artzine has undergone a careful vetting process to ensure it’s authenticity, and that it’s of the highest quality.

However, being selective doesn’t mean we only accept works from big name galleries or artists. What speaks to us above all is artistic integrity, originality, and art that transmits something special to the viewer.

Supporting artist success

Artzine is more than just e-commerce for artists; our regular features, articles and interviews, as well as our annual Art Prize, aim to provide our artists with meaningful opportunities and access to new global audiences.

We enjoy working closely with our artists, and believe that building a strong relationship based on confidence and open dialog is core to realising great mutual success.

For art businesses

Our platform has been handcrafted with love to simplify the process of buying and selling art online, and provides a powerful set of sales tools to assist in the day to day running of an international art business.

We take care of online marketing, shipping, payment processing and invoicing for you, so you can free up more time to concentrate on the creative aspects of running your business.

Your space on Artzine is fully customisable to embody the essence of your gallery, and inspire confidence in your customers and new collectors.

Cutting-edge technology

Artzine harnesses the power of the latest web technology to make our platform unique. Our website has been built from the ground up to work seamlessly across all devices, and make the experience of browsing fine art a pleasure for everyone.

Our advanced search algorithm can help users find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks, and also show personalised results based on personal preferences, previous searches, followed artists, and favourited artworks.

Our founders

Artzine founders, Marina Gragera and Cameron Morgan, started their adventure with the vision to create an ecosystem that would help the art world take advantage of the new opportunities provided by the union of art and technology.

Both passionate entrepreneurs and art lovers, their aim is to support creativity where it grows, and demystify the concept of the art collector by making great art accessible to everyone.